Chief of the Staff of the Ombudsman Office spoke at the OSCE Meeting

Aydin Safikhanli, Chief of the Ombudsman Office is currently participating in the Human Dimension Conference organized by the OSCE ODIHR.

During his speech coinciding with the remembrance day, A. Safikhanli commemorated our martyrs, who died for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. 

He retairated about the Armenian military aggression against our country committed two years ago and casualties among the civilian population of Azerbaijan as a result of attacks on civilian settlements.

During his speech, international organizations, as well as OSCE  were called not to remain silent to violations of international law, including international humanitarian law. 

It was noted that despite the liberation of territories by Azerbaijan, and creating opportunities for the return of IDPs to their native lands, there are still a number of important problems related to the return of IDPs. The first of such problems is a total destruction of all social facilities and apartment buildings, and the second is the mine problem.

Outlining the facts of the failure of Armenia to respond to the peace proposal of Azerbaijan, and continuing to lay mines in our territories, A. Safikhanli emphasized the importance of the OSCE and other international organizations to react to these  violations.

In addition, it was given detailed information on the fact-finding missions of the Azerbaijan Ombudsman, the mission reports prepared on the basis of the evidence and the appeals made to international organizations in this regard.

Furthermore, the chief of the staff of the Ombudsman Office invited the moderator to create equal opportunities for each participant to speak without applying double standards.