Ombudsman delivered a speech at the Presentation of the “Karabakh Memorial” Project

Human Rights Commissioner Sabina Aliyeva participated in the presentation of the Project “Child Victims of Armenian Aggression”. To inform the world community about the crimes committed against civilians by Armenian armed forces, during the event the presentation of the “Karabakh Memorial” online resource was made by the Karabakh Revival Fund. The event has brought together the representatives of some state bodies, civil society organizations, and higher education institutions.  

At the event, the Ombudsman delivered a speech titled “Armenia’s child rights violations during the patriotic war ”, outlining the child victims of attacks by Armenian military forces against civilian settlements in Naftalan, Agjabedi, Ganja, Tartar, and Barda with the use of the prohibited weapons  

It was said that children should never be targeted during military conflicts and should not suffer the consequences of the war. The attendants of the event were informed about Ombudsman’s reports and public appeals about the concerned topic and facts of Armenia’s rocket attacks on civilian settlements in Azerbaijan sent to the corresponding international organizations during the period of war.   

Ombudsman, during her speech also added the families of children killed or have been orphaned as a result of attacks on civilian settlements, and children of martyrs were regularly visited and an eye was kept on their situation.   

Furthermore, wide social action had been launched in order to provide psychological health rehabilitation of conflict-affected families and children as a result of Armenian aggression.