A meeting with an Expert of the UNECE was held at the Ombudsman Office

A meeting with Ms. Natalia Golovko, expert of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) was held at the Ombudsman Office of Azerbaijan.

During the meeting, the guest was informed about the work done by the Azerbaijani Ombudsman within her competencies, cooperation with public agencies, international organizations, and civil society organizations, as well as state of ensuring public participation in the "National Action Program to increase the effectiveness of protection of human rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan". 

The guest was also given extensive information about the environmental activities, including national measures taken for ensuring the right to life in a healthy environment.

The facts of Armenia’s neglect to serious damages to the environment, including biodiversity, forests, natural resources caused by its own military aggression against and in the territories of Azerbaijan held under occupation for around three decades, ecocide, burning forests for its own military purpose as a result of its ecological terror, as well as the relevant statements and public appeals, issued by the Ombudsman to convey those facts to the international organizations and world community, have been brought to the attention of the expert.

The guest was also briefed about access to legal protection mechanisms, Ombudsman’s activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, implementation of SDGs, the work of the unified and round clock 916 Call Center, mail, online application form, e-mail, fax, and social networks, all of which improved by the Ombudsman for the effective accessibility.

The questions of Ms. Golovko were answered during the meeting, which was aimed at collecting necessary data for the preparation of the UNECE Third Environmental Performance Review (EPR) of Azerbaijan.

The guest was presented the hard copies of the Ombudsman’s statements and appeals about ecological crimes committed by Armenia during the conflict and post-conflict periods.