Legal awareness

Commissioner appointed the specialized advisers to improve efficiency of legal education as well as protection of various groups of the population, along with the protection and promotion of human rights, application procedure to the Ombudsman.

From the very beginning, the Commissioner conducts legal education work for the vulnerable groups of the population, including children, women, youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities, refugees and internally displaced persons, military servants, detained persons and prisoners.

Annually the country declares the periods between 18 May – 18 June as Human Rights month-long campaign on the occasion of 18 June- National Human Rights Day, which was initiated by the Commissioner, 21 August-21 September was declared as Peace month-long campaign on the occasion of 21 September- International Day of Peace, 20 October-20 November was declared Child rights month-long campaign on the occasion of the adoption of UN CRC. In order to hold events and increase the legal culture and legal thinking among the various groups of the during human rights month-long campaign the corresponding central-executive bodies, city and district executive bodies are sent relevant requests by the Commissioner.